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This has been going on far to long I have cancelled everything that I can to stop this but, nothing has helped. I am sick and tired of money coming from my account for something I did not order or want.

I would like for the money to be put back in my account.

I know this is not going to every happen because things like this never get solved. 9.95 may no be a lot to some people but it is to me and I can't afford for that knid of money to come out of my account every month.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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Our company handles some aspects of Customer Support for Network Agenda, and I apologize for any misunderstanding regarding the services you've been receiving from our company. Network Agenda is a bonus program that offers a free trial period, which often times accompanies the order of a promotional CD or ebook. The trial period for Network Agenda is free for 21-30 days from the order date, depending on which bonus applies, and we would not have charged you had you called customer service and canceled during the trial period as it is not our desire to bill clients who do not want the membership after the free trial offer ends.

I would enjoy the opportunity of being able to assist you. I have attempted to locate an account to review your charges and concerns, but unfortunately without a full name, phone # or email address, I am unable to locate an account with the necessary contact information.

For assistance, please contact customer service at 1-800-418-9320 and there you will find an agent who will happily assist you in trying to locate an account and addressing your concerns.

If you are another customer that is reading this and you have already tried customer service, but feel that we have failed you in some way or you feel you weren't treated fairly, please call me directly at 435-773-1795, or email me at, I will be happy to address your concerns ASAP.


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