The same story as everyone else that had money debited from their account without authorization. I'm working on the refunds, so far i'm being told that the refunds are being credited for everyday legal forms $9.95 866-519-4353, rebate millionaire $39.97, and grant master $39.95(this number was given to me from the generous woman I spoke to at Every day Legal Forms in order to contact both rebate millionaire and grant master) 866-407-1013. However i'm waiting for a call back on Reward me more tecnique $33.87 888-546-2285. If anyone has the number for network agenda or a different number for Reward me more tecnique please post it to help everyone continue to track the fraudulent charges debited from there accounts. Hope this helps anyone else going through the same thing as me.

Also please keep in mind that both companies I have spoken to new exactly what I was calling about. Rebate Millionaire/grant masters tried to decline and only credit me for one of the two transactions but I informed them that I would pursue this considering I was assured by both companies that this was not the first call that they received about this.

Good Luck!!

Monetary Loss: $9.

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31COM Las Vegas has made an unauthorized charge on my credit card and the number they provided 18004189320 doesn't work. The operator says that the number is currently not in service in my area. Is there another number for Canadian residents?

Pontotoc, Mississippi, United States #4215

Hello, From another disappointed person. Back on Jan. 12, 2008 I ordered a free CD from GrantConsult

for which $1.87 was deucted with approval, OK! on Feb. 18, 2008 while viewing my acoount statement,

Yeah U guessed right an unauthorized deduction from Rewardmemorehome I went WHO?

The ***! notified my bank they tried calling 1888-546-2285 a message saying unable to receive calls. What's

Really up with theze folks? Why can't they get a life and stopp thirving off us the HardWorking! I work extremly hard to earn my $6.25 per hour for 4-5 hrs 6 days a week. that $33.87 was some bill money And I want It Back! so what number can I call? so I can give to my bank...


Atherton, California, United States #2521

I finally spoke to someone and they said when i signed up for easygrants it was a 30day trial with a 995 charge there after i told him i didnt sign up for anything and wanted refunded 3 months worth of 995 charges they said i should see the credit within 3-5 days the number i called is 1-877-673-8173**

Etna, California, United States #2482

Networkagenda other numbers:



I got results from the first number. Also, the number I have for rewardmemore I can't get anyone to answer the *** phone.

Atherton, California, United States #2194

The phone number i have for networkagenda is 18004189320 but it always seems to be busy,. I contacted everyday legal forms they said this has nothing to do with them .

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