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My wife is an educator, and ordered a $1.97 cd that had information about how to apply for educational grants for her school. Soon thereafter we had a charge for $39.95 from "rebate millionaire, $9.95 from, and $39.97 from the Family Savers Club.

When I called to complain, the rebate millionaire rep. told me that if she had read the "fine print" she would have known she was obligated to these three groups plus one other called "everyday legal forms. "Network Agenda" and "Everyday Legal Forms" were helpful, but the "rebate millionaire" rep refused to refund anything...I'll be pursuing that further.

I have yet to get a hold of the "family savers club" due to no phone number on my bank charge being associated. This is a big-time scam.


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For all those who have been taken in by this scam (as I was taken in three months ago),


Once you cancel your debit cards AT THE BANK (which I did, one hour after ordering the 1.97 packet from Google Fortune," which was advertised on, and after I received an email cancel confirmation from the scammer, citing that my account would not be charged- a week later I was STILL charged 1.97, which led me to cancel my debit cards through the bank), the scammer can still somehow manage to charge your CANCELED DEBIT CARDS AT THE BANK, for months after YOU STOPPED ALL TRANSACTIONS ON THAT CANCELED CARD with your bank. This scam is twofold; the only reason the scammer gets away with it is that the banks (for some scary reason) continue to permit monthly charges that were set up prior to cancellation to be stolen from your completely, non-existent, destroyed and deleted old debit card. I have filed 6 or seven monthly affidavits since the original fiasco, and the NON-EXISTENT debit card still manages to be charged, every month, now 69.97, each and every month. After calling several supervisors at Citizen's Bank, I was told that there are FULL-TIME personnel dealing with this kind of fraudulent activity, which the banks promote, and which they assure you that, once you fill out the nineteenth affidavit, they will remove the fraudulent charges every month, but without doing anything to delete the old card from their system so it can't be charged; this means that the bank allows canceled cards to be charged (because the revolving charges were set up by the scammer immediately upon the original transaction, and even before the consumer knew it would be a monthly charge).

If consumers can no longer be assured that a canceled debit card is truly a canceled debit card, through their own banks, then this country is not only in big trouble, it's already beyond salvaging. Even if you've already assumed that the bank has canceled your debit card off their system, or even if the bank sends you new ones after a large-scale fraud or breach has occurred, check your statements, EVERY DAY. Report ALL fraudulent charges right away, after the cancellation,(especially because the statement won't tell you if the charges to your account are coming from a canceled card or a new one), fill out the affidavits, and prepare to have no choice but to call your bank every day for weeks, and to become very angry and aggressive. For some reason, the banks permit the scammers to set things up so that the consumer can be charged for months fraudulently, long after they have canceled their compromised card, and all the bank will tell you is to fill out monthly affidavits, until such time that the bank decides to stop the activity from within their own system. In addition, be prepared to receive multiple calls from the bank; some of these will be from the scammer. Call the bank ONLY using the number that is in the phone book, and report all other calls coming from automated bank calls to the Do Not Call List.

In addition, when you call, the bank representatives will not only know that this happens all the time, but they will try to tell you that the only way to stop the problem is to call the scammer to stop charging your canceled debit card, and to file your affidavit, so that you get your money back, which the bank is legally required to do, but only if you notice the fraudulent activity, and only if you fill out the affidavits, and if you submit all the voluminous proof, each and every time. The bank won't take responsibility for the canceled debit problem, unless you talk to multiple representatives supervisors repeatedly, and even after they assure you the card has been deleted off their system, the scammer will still keep on charging the canceled card. Even worse, one supervisor told me that many people try to cancel their checking accounts as a means of stopping the fraudulent activity the bank allowed. When this happens, the scammer still charges the deleted card, and you will get overdraft fees as well as the original charges! Until the banks decide that it is in their best financial interest to fix this problem at their end, these problems are unsolvable. This scam, and the bank's utter stupidity, have added up to an unrelenting nightmare for months. I'm hoping that people will not assume that once they cancel their cards, that the scammer can't still hurt them, with the bank's full encouragement and permission. I was told that, not only DOES this happen, that many full-time people work only to replenish accounts with moneys taken from accounts fraudulently, and that the bank doesn't do anything to stop it for months after the fact.

Good luck!


I only ordered a CD for less than $2, yet I have been charged by all of these other companies for stuff that I did not order.

Most internet companies give you the OPTION of starting additional trial periods - THEY DON"T FORCE IT UPON YOU, like have.

It is a very nasty and cruel act to do this to people.

I am a mum to two boys with autism, so I need my money. I have already lodged a complaint with my bank and have changed my CC details. I will be complaining about this to everyone, everywhere!

Not happy - NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!!


C Saum,

First off, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for any mistreatment you feel you received when you contacted our Customer Service Department. If you have received a charge from reb-mill, it is most likely associated with the order of one of our promotional Google CD's.

If you did not place an order with our company, but have received charges from us, we certainly want to do everything we can to assist you in resolving this matter.

We take Fraud very seriously - and when Fraud is perpetrated against any customer, it is also perpetrated against us. We are very willing to help whom ever has had any difficulties in this manner associated with our company. Also, whatever information is captured at the time the order is placed, including the IP address where the order originated from, can be provided to law enforcement should you choose to pursue legal action.

If there are any issues or concerns you were not able to resolve through customer service at 1-866-396-5695, please contact me directly at 1-435-773-1795, or you may email me at, and I will promptly assist you.


Online Customer Support


This seems to be a huge internet scam. My husband did not order anything, but we got a cd in the mail, then started getting dinged for the shipping and handling.

reb-mill argued with my husband claiming he ordered it, but we both know he did not. I am filing a complaint with the FBI as soon as my husband gets off the phone with his bank.

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